Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grand Total 4.263

We saw the agent of destruction
And he was white and silly
Making us comfortable
And our comfort was owed to us
The grand total brought us forward
Leaving the losers behind
Making us comfortable
I wish your blood was propane
So you would explode while smoking
I wish your organs were full of natural gas
So blue fire would burst through your skin
I wish you would have described to me
The agent
It was too much for you to trust
That we would get the joke
And now we will load you like tinder and pitch our full containers forward
Into the conflagration
And it will be funny

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drinking Your Sorrows Away

I have been drinking your sorrows away
And you seemed pretty sad today
So I have kept my pledge with stoicism
To the point that I am a fucked up organism
But I was fucked up before my declaration
That I would imbibe on behalf of your station
So while your eyes become leaky with primitive tears
I order one more delicious craft beer